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Xiaomi Mi 150" Full HD Ultra Short Throw 5000 Lumens Android Laser Projector (Global Version)
Price RM6,999.00
Product SKU Xiaomi Mi 150 Projector
Brand Xiaomi
Availability 996

Amaze your imagination

Huge screen and beautiful picture

MiJia Laser Projection TV featuring a fantastically short focus allows you to create a real home theater right on the wall of the room. Amaze your imagination with high definition, contrast and picture quality.




Ultrashort focus

Providing a 150-inch TV experience

The projector can be placed only at 50 cm from the wall

To watch a movie, you do not have to install the projector at the opposite end of the room. The projector focal length is from 5 to 50 cm, which allows you to project an image up to 150 inches at the minimum distance from the wall 50cm.


The projection easily adapts to the size of the wall. The image can be in the range from 42 to 150 inches — it’s not difficult at all to adjust the optimal screen.

The wires and interfaces of the device are located on the rear side so that does not spoil its appearance. The optical system of the projector was created by the famous optical technology company, Yorkey Optical. For the comfort of the user, designers have equipped the device automatic focus adjustment.

Professional image quality

Better brightness and contrast provide a better picture

The projector provides a high level of contrast, as well as the unprecedented brightness and rich color palette; due to this, the image quality can be comparable with professional cinemas. The contrast ratio about 3000: 1 allows you to display the darkest image, like the image of the night sky in the smallest detail. Together with a resolution of 1920×1080, HDR support you can see even shades of shadow on a dark screen.

This is a full-fledged cinema with professional equipment that will allow you to plunge into the world of widescreen video.

85%+ NTSC colour range

Broad color range and distribution

Colour is an important part of the entire projection screen. If the colour range is too small, the projector cannot display the film's true colours. Xiaomi Laser Projector uses innovative five-stage colour wheel technology for red light projection rates of 16-18% *. The NTSC colour range of 85% provides rich and faithful colour reproduction.

* Conventional projectors usually only use a three or four-stage colour wheels. 
Red light projection rates usually fall below 10%

3000:1 native contrast

Even darker scenes are 
projected clearly

We often complain that it can be hard to clearly see important details in a cinema because dark pictures are not projected clearly. Xiaomi Laser Projector features 3000:1 native contrast, well over the 2000:1 standard in cinemas. It also features 1920*1080 resolution and support for HDR, so details are clear, even in the dark.

Lamp life of over 25000 hours

Watch movies every day of the year.

Appotronics ALPD 3.0 laser light source technology can effectively ensure lamp life of 25,000 hours or more, equivalent to the time needed to watch more than 10,000 movies (each 2 hours in length).

*All data above is from laboratory measurements. Different use cases may produce different results.


Dual full frequency + dual high frequency fidelity speakers

Mi TV-exclusive sound system

A good picture needs to be accompanied by good sound. Xiaomi Laser Projector features the same custom speaker system developed for Mi TV, with built-in high power double full frequency + dual high-fidelity speakers. It has a unique inverted sound tube design and supports DOLBY, DTS dual decoding, so that you can have a cinema-level audio-visual experience right at home.

All new, 
high-powered cooling system

Effective cooling extends the life of the machine

There is no need to worry about overheating or safety due to prolonged use of Xiaomi Laser Projector. The new cooling system, equipped with three large fans, modules designed with special air channels to optimize airflow, and a heat pipe with heat sink convergence quickly and efficiently dissipates heat.


Full custom modular hardware system

Optimizes interior space, reduces machine size

The use of fully customized modular hardware system and 
cleverly partitioned internal space help optimize space 
and reduce the size of the machine.


Richly configured interface

Accomodates a variety of external devices

Xiaomi Laser Projector has a total of 10 expansion interfaces. Computers, speakers, microphones, game consoles, etc. can all be connected to meet your entertainment needs.

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